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   This site is intended for those who want to ensure that competitiveness of their business be sustainable. This means to ensure efficiency, boost quality and safety of systems, mitigate risks, slash costs, achieve customer satisfaction, and, eventually, to increase own profits. The goal is to propose models, methods, and software tools well-tested in practice, for forecasting quality and risks as applied to newly developed and currently operated manufacture, power generation, transport, engineering, information, control and measurement, food storage, quality assurance and security systems. Thereby the user can substantiate answers on system engineering questions: «How to reach in quality management the level of  international standards?», «Is expected quality achievable?», «Can be the system requirements met?», «How much safe are those or others scenarios?», «What about the real risks, profits and possible damages?», «What choice is rational?», «What measures are more effective?», «What rational measures should lead to estimated effect without waste expenses, when, by which controllable and uncontrollable conditions and costs?» and others. The answers may be received before critical events (not only after these events).
Having analyzed results of long-term our practice, we, authors and developers, have noticed the following. Many scientific researches, practical investigations, implementations and recommendations based on use of our models, methods, and software tools ,were bringing increasingly deep satisfaction not only to ourselves but, most important:

  • to developers, i. e. all of our colleagues involved in the works (since the obtained results can be proved step-by-step and their usefulness checked; forecasts were confirmed in time; and, respectively, the number of profitable orders has been growing), 
  • to customers (since we managed to convince them that the residual system risks may and should be mitigated proactively; and now they have scientific justification of the amount of investments adequate to achieved quality and safety levels that may be guaranteed for the allocated money),
  • to users (the forecast made in time has mobilized them on the basis of the ‘forewarned is forearmed’ concept; using our recommendations, in utilization stage they can extract from the system the best effects, that were assumed in concept, design&development and support stages).

   The results of our work are purposed for systems analysts from customers, developers, users, as well as investigators and staff of quality and security management, experts of testing laboratories and certification bodies. It can be used in system life cycle to form system requirements, compare different processes, substantiate technical decisions, carrying out tests, adjust technological parameters, estimate quality and risks. The decisions, scientifically proved by the offered models, methods and software tools, can provide purposeful essential improvement of quality and mitigation of risks and decrease expenses for created and operating systems. The spectrum of the explored systems is indeed broad; it includes systems operated by government agencies, manufacturing structures (including enterprises, oil-and-gas and transport facilities, and hazardous production systems), food storage, power generation, financial and business, aviation and space industry, emergency services, municipal economy, military, etc. Moreover, our assessments and forecasts are generated much faster, feature innovations, have invariably high quality and, most important, the expected effects may be easily interpreted (what specifically is the result and how it can be reached) regardless of whether it pertains to increase in gains or reduction in losses. Eventually, having gained experience and being sure that those instruments are of use, we decided to share our knowledge and skills for analyzing and optimizing system processes. It should be stressed from the very beginning that no one forces you to use these proposed models, methods, and software tools.
   Any author trusts primarily his/her own models and is suspicious about someone else’s if uses them at all. From this perspective we also understand our colleagues from the researchers’ community, share their doubts and nevertheless invite them... Join us.
   The knowledge that you will gain after even brief acquaintance with the work or just browsing the site and then comprehending its content will not allow you to continue unsystematic life without forecasting quality and risks! You can easily verify this author’s forecast.

From authors and developers
Honored Science Worker of the Russian Federation

Dr., Professor   

 Andrey Kostogryzov